A Slow Day in Venice … 1-30-2018

Trying to keep going, though definitely sick is an interesting challenge. I’m sure most have experienced getting sick on a trip and you are counting all the money you spent on it and want to get the most out of a special travel opportunity. And for me, a ground hugger, and not much into travel it is really driving me crazy. Oh well… 

Today we went on the boat to the train station, so we can explore that area more… we have only rushed by in the past. It’s nice to just show your phone ap pass and jump on a boat! 

My main observations & musings for today are:

  1. 1. Wow these people eat a lot of sweets!!
  2. 2. Awesome Glass…
  3. 3. Awesome Puppets
  4. 4. …..  and Masks! I’ll go into the details of “made in Italy” in a later blog post.
  5. 5. Did I mention that traveling while sick is a drag?  YES!

Only 2 days left in Venice!

Enjoy today’s Photos…

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One thought on “A Slow Day in Venice … 1-30-2018

  1. Vicki

    Hello! Do you remember the name of the sweet shop where the 3 meringues are sold ? (The photo of the green, White & pink meringue). We were in Venice in July 2016 and we bought the white meringue, took a photo of our daughter outside the glass window but did not get the name of the store. I found it on Google maps but the name is covered by an awning. I am in hopes they ship their sweets to the U.S. 😬
    Thanks for any help!

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