More Flowers!

Ta-da a Flowering Currant Bush. And I want to credit and thank my art teacher from elementary school, Karen Larrabee for finding the name of this flower for me. So, yes, I have given in … and painted more flowers. There are a number of factors playing into this extremely unusual activity of painting in watercolor … and painting … flowers.

First there is the fact that I am traveling abroad. I can’t take along my large canvases, oil paints and brushes etc. etc.. Ahhh to be at home in my studio, painting. I started a large painting in the fall that needs my attention. I hope I will have lots of time for that when I get back to Port St. Lucie in May.

Besides the limitations of traveling for 4 months, I have literally been bombarded with flowers. Certainly, that is no excuse to deviate from my normal themes. However, walking around England I am continuously drawn to the flowers. Maybe it the season (winter to spring), maybe it’s just my mood. But I think I will do a series of flowers while in Europe…. then that will be the end of it.

Finally, I have been working on getting more prints available for sale. People occasionally purchase prints of my work. And, I get a lot of requests of prints…. so my New Year’s resolution for 2019 is to be more diligent and get more of my artwork available to the public. So for anyone interested in purchasing a framed print of my Brexit Flower, follow this link!