Bully Trouble at the Puppy Park

The Adventures of Lucy and Luke: Bully Trouble at the Puppy Park Hardcover Publication Date: August 8, 2022 Softcover Publication Date: September 15, 2022 Digital Publication Date: July 22, 2022  (Available now – $5.99 at Google Play) Publisher: Middle East Publishing, GoldenTree Imprint Hardcover: ISBN – 978-1-935773-07-8 Softcover:  ISBN  – 978-1-935773-06-1 Digital Book: ISBN – […]

Powder Blue Primrose

Today I painted a Powder Blue Primrose that I saw bloombing in Rayleigh, UK. Trying to work on practicing watercolor. So many of my students paint in watercolor – so I think it is good practice to keep up with my skills. Plus…. I can’t carry around my favored painting medium, large scale oil painting […]

More Flowers!

Ta-da a Flowering Currant Bush. And I want to credit and thank my art teacher from elementary school, Karen Larrabee for finding the name of this flower for me. So, yes, I have given in … and painted more flowers. There are a number of factors playing into this extremely unusual activity of painting in […]

Grape Hyacinth

Typically, I do not paint flowers…. but I have been drawn to them here in Europe. Taken a lot of photos of flowers. Here is a quick little watercolor sketch I did yesterday of Grape Hyacinth. Yes, I also have framed prints of this watercolor available to purchase! Just follow this link if you are […]

La Nucia, Spain

La Nucia is a little suburb of Benidorm, Spain…. it’s mostly in the mountain area looking down on Benidorm which is by the sea. I have never stayed on a mountain as high as this one… a very interesting experience. We are staying here in a condo high up on the mountain with 2 lovely […]