La Nucia, Spain

La Nucia is a little suburb of Benidorm, Spain…. it’s mostly in the mountain area looking down on Benidorm which is by the sea. I have never stayed on a mountain as high as this one… a very interesting experience.

We are staying here in a condo high up on the mountain with 2 lovely cats… which have their own album which can be viewed here. It’s a three week adventure spanning from the end of January to February 20th.

Benidorm, Spain

For anyone interested in finding a reasonably priced Spanish beach vacation spot, check out Benidorm. Coming from the United States, I had never heard of it. It sits between Valencia and Alicante on the eastern coast of Spain. We are here in February 2019 for around a month. The weather is pretty nice (50s at night and 60s up to 70s during the day), very similar to Florida in February!

This photo I took on February 10th. It is a typical view of the large and well developed boulevard on the Ocean. The afternoon sun is amazing – creating dramatic contrasts and light and shadows,

Amar and I are walking many miles on the shores of Benidorm and I’m taking hundreds of photos. But no artwork yet. Maybe someday when I am traveling less, I will have time to produce more artwork! 🙂

The Prices are great in Benidorm, food, clothing, shoes pretty much everything is cheaper than the USA. Wine is especially good price, and for good wine! Below are a few selected photos from out stay in La Nucia and walks in Benidorm.

Almeria Spain

We are only spending a few days in Almeria, March 9th – 12th, 2018. 

Arrived by bus on March 9th at 2pm. Found our way to the Airbnb by taxi. We stayed in the older district. We have been to Almeria before… back in 2007 (if I am remembering correctly). And we did enjoy the one day/night that we stayed. So, I was looking forward to the visit! 

Here are some photos from our visit… including the Alcazaba (free and excellent to go through), The Dona Pakyta Museo De Arte (free and excellent) as well as the Historical Museum  (again free and excellent)!! Overall I highly recommend visiting Almeria. Great history and an excellent value.  

Almeria Quick facts

Almería is a city in southeast Spain. The Alcazaba is an imposing Moorish fortress overlooking the city. The fortified, 16th-century Almería Cathedral has a Gothic ribbed ceiling. The Museum of Almería displays archaeological finds from across the region. Underground lies a network of tunnels, the Civil War Shelters of Almería. The English Cable is a huge iron pier and symbol of the city’s former mining industry.
  • Population:
    • 193,024