Paris is Covered in Graffiti

Ok I’m in Paris… the first time for me. This is my first complete day and it is not as I would expect. It is covered in Graffiti and there is trash everywhere!

I did see some street cleaners attempting to clean up the mess but it appears to be in vein. From what I hear from other who traveled and lived in Pairs in the past it was not always this way. Kind of sad… and looks very bad. Not sure why it is such a mess, but they definitely need a lot more people working on cleaning the place up!

We are staying 59 Rue Damrémont, which is close to the places we toured today. We went to the Sacré-Cœur, rue du Chevalier-de-La-Barre, it was very interesting (I’ll write a separate post on that). Graffiti most of the way….  It says you cannot take photos inside of the church – but everyone was. So we took photos too! No one said stop it. Maybe that is why there is graffiti and trash all over Paris?  

Some Grafete photos from our walk today….


2 thoughts on “Paris is Covered in Graffiti

  1. joannaalmasude

    Yes Alex, You may call me boring. LOL! Though this is not really a vacation, more of a “working” trip. I’m collecting information for my next series of art works. 🙂

  2. Wow you’re one of those boring people who blog about vacations now.

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