Grape Hyacinth

Typically, I do not paint flowers…. but I have been drawn to them here in Europe. Taken a lot of photos of flowers. Here is a quick little watercolor sketch I did yesterday of Grape Hyacinth.

Grape Hyacinth 2019

The Adventures at the Alltybrain Farm, Brecon, Wales

What an adventure! We arrived to Brecon from Manchester on March 4th 2019, very sick. We had picked up the flu in Manchester (even though we both had a flu shots in the fall). For the time we were in Brecon, I did think it was just a nasty cold. But in the end, it lasted way too long to be a cold. I got it first and passed it on to Amar. So by the time we arrived to Brecon Amar was getting very sick and didn’t feel well enough to venture out of the house until our last day there. March 9th.

Brecon was absolutely lovely! Green rolling hills. Flowers. Neat bushes lining most of the roads. It appears so manicured and at the same time wild and natural, as if nature herself is especially neat there.

The road to Alltybrain

The Alltybrain Farm was no less than amazing inside and out. That was not an act of nature, but 25 years of hard work by the owners Patrick and Rose. It’s hard to do it justice in photographs, but I will share a selection here.

Puck and Zip, the family dogs…. and both are very sweet.

Zip, AKA Scooby Doo (looked just like him in size and shape…) is an older guy…. very mild tempered and one might say helpful. A great farm dog! Puck, the short little fellow (who reminded me a bit of Scrappy Doo) is much younger and a pistol. We were warned that he has to be on a lead… or he will take off the the neighbor’s farm. And he did once. But we got him back! Though an escape artist… he is also adorable!

The Alltybrain Farm