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Chitlay: The Chinatization of Italy

Published Feb 15, 2018 … as my husband and I walked down the streets of Venice, Florence and Rome it was unusual to be in a crowd of Italians, especially in the main city streets and touristic areas, and not to mention the Museums! Most of these areas were crowded with Chinese people. In wondering about and discussing this phenomena, we assumed that the Chinese, as they have a growing economy and a growing middle class with expendable resources for travel, are tourists and have taken over the previous majority of USA/European travelers. The later have declining economies as well as a struggling middle classes… Read more

Minimalism; We got the point 50 years ago, now what?

Published 10-12-2000 … It is so tempting to write one letter and call it an article. A big “R” in the middle of a blank screen would be a great review of the genre called minimalism. However – what would that communicate? About as much as a minimalist painting communicates. And I would like to clearly communicate the significance of minimalism in the current World of Art … Read more

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